Results-oriented, authentic leader with a proven track record of success. Accomplished at organization management; recognized for strategic vision, fostering inclusiveness, and executive leadership.

What Others Say...
Kathy has been involved in the Edmond YMCA for over 15 years in progressive leadership roles. These roles included serving as the Annual Campaign Chair, raising over $230,000 for the underserved in our community, leading 28 other community leaders as the Edmond YMCA Council Chair to provide guidance and direction for our YMCA, and most recently, serving on the YMCA Diversity, Inclusion, and Global Initiatives Committee. These roles have required various leadership skills, and Kathy has continued to make a high-level impact in every position or task she has accepted. Our community is a better place because of the contributions made by Kathy on so many levels. The most incredible part is Kathy did this not to seek recognition but to help others & make our city a better place.
Chris Berry, M.Ed., CPRP
District Executive Director
Mitch Park YMCA
It is my honor to support Kathy Wilson-Gold for President-Elect of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Kathy and I both served on the Academy Foundation Board together, and I was able to witness her passion and dedication for the Academy Foundation and Academy members first-hand. She has a diverse background in the field of dietetics, understands the challenges our association is up against and has the know-how to unlock the transformational power of nutrition to improve human health. She is a bold, strategic, and inclusive leader with a proven track record. Kathy is a tireless supporter of the dietetics profession and, as President-Elect, will be a strong advocate on behalf of all Academy members.
Jean Ragalie-Carr
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation Chair, 2015-2017
Why should you cast your vote for Kathy Wilson Gold? Because we need a leader who has a dynamic strategic vision, can convey confidence and wisdom to those she leads and is selfless in her leadership style. Kathy Wilson Gold has all of these qualities and more. I have known Kathy since before she completed her dietetic practicums to become a registered dietitian. I have been impressed with her personal energy, optimism, and her tireless advocacy of the Academy. Kathy has experience leading large groups of dietitians in her various roles with the Academy’s Foundation and the Texas Dietetic Association, along with other roles. Kathy is an articulate communicator that will represent our profession with enthusiasm and energy.
Bill Barkley, MBA, RDN, FAND
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Member
I have known Kathy Wilson-Gold since she moved to Dallas early in her entire career and we became involved on the same district committee. As a result, I have witnessed her progression in leadership, confidence, and ability within the Academy and in her professional positions in the food and nutrition industry. With grace, concern, and determination, she is able to listen, contribute to and lead discussions and initiatives to move the profession forward. I have observed this in her roles as Dallas and Texas Academy president, Dietitians in Business and Communications DPG Chair, Academy Nominating Committee Chair, and Academy Foundation Chair. Kathy will be an engaged Academy President who will promote the interests of all members and lead our organization in an evidence-based, positive, and strategic direction.
Neva Cochran, MS, RDN, LD, FAND
Nutrition Communications Consultant
I’ve known Kathy for over half of my 40-year healthcare career. We also served together on the Meals on Wheels Association of America Foundation Board. As a long-time student of leadership and author on the subject, I can tell you confidently that Kathy has the skills and attributes, and competencies to lead the Academy and hit the ground running.
Jim "Big Red" Wetrich, LFACHE
Author of "Stifled...Where Good Leaders Go Bad"
CEO at The Wetrich Group
Experience and familiarity with the role of a board of directors, leadership related to embracing/managing positive change; policy implementation, promoting a culture of inquiry and communication.
Think strategically, globally and futuristically taking into account the needs of the entire membership, including competing factions/trends.
Identify opportunities, address difficult issues and generate solutions.
Ability to encourage and promote inclusion, diversity, equity and access.
What do you see as opportunities for the future of the nutrition and dietetics profession?
The Academy is no longer an association bound by borders. Our most significant opportunity is competing in the worldwide marketplace. Collaboration with aligned stakeholders empowers our members to eliminate all forms of malnutrition and optimize global health with tools, research, and programs that address food and nutrition challenges now and in the future. A diverse and competitive membership is required in this space. I'm committed to bold leadership to ensure all members can compete, leadership is diverse, and our contributions towards global health and well-being are recognized.
Administration on Aging/US Department of Health and Human Services
Senior Nutrition Consultant
Abbott Laboratories
Integrated Systems Manager, Regional Business Consultant
Campbell Soup Company
Senior Customer Development Manager, Healthcare & Education